Limerick by Randee Mia Berma

Is this a democracy?
14th Street is now auto free.
They’re forbidding all cars.
Are we on Mars?
I need a cup of tea.

City roads are getting chaotic.
The honking is far from hypnotic.
Lyft Uber & Via
Are no panacea
For New Yorkers becoming neurotic.

The bike lanes are impinging
Pedestrians are cringing.
Yellow cabs are flailing.
Drivers are wailing.
Who next will be unhinging?

Not to mention the motorized scooters
Racing faster than passionate suitors
Speeding and swerving.
Indeed it’s unnerving,
To residents and to commuters.

Going in both directions
Regardless of intersections.
Right through the red light
A shock and a fright
To crossers with no protections.

Now parking’s becoming traumatic;
Car owners are hardly ecstatic.
Film trucks are devouring
The  spaces—o’erpowering
With movie production erratic.

No warning but you could be towed
If you don’t move your car off this road
By midnight tonight
A parker’s delight
Translation is worse than Morse Code!

It’s hardly an urban harmonic
Drivers getting more demonic.
Here’s to holiday cheer
And a new frontier
I need a gin & tonic!

From Greenwich Village to the nation
There’s growing consternation.
Are polls misleading!
Let’s go back to reading.
Books are our salvation.

Try Shakespeare or Mark Twain
Like sunshine in the rain.
Uplifting, beguiling
You’ll end up smiling
And keep from going insane.

And just what is quid pro quo?
It’s all about ebb & flow.
Such aggravation
About Interpretation
I need an espressooooo.

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