By Karen Rempel | Fashion Editor

Last month we looked at how the men handle the heat in the city, so this month it’s the women’s turn. Here are three unique takes on New York summer fashion—with fab black footwear.

FLARE (photo left): Daniela Diletto and her son Luca pause on their stoop on the way to her birthday dinner in the Meatpacking District. Daniela is an art director and graphic designer for clothing companies and other clients. She’s rockin’ her classic silk print dress with black booties and socks with a hidden detail—pink soles!

FLAIR (photo center): Carol Yost is one of our dearly loved contributors, well-known for her quirky style, using texture and color to create living art on her body. Her popcorn blouse is irresistibly touchable, and her skirt brings a complementary color palette and bigger ruffled texture, with the translucent purplish teardrop earrings tying both pieces together.

DEBONAIR (photo right): Carol Shapiro is ready for a summer shower with black fold-up brolly and cool black sneaks, but what really makes this outfit pop is the red lace-up blouse and striped pants. Instant eye appeal.

All photos by Karen Rempel.

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