Karen Rempel leopard-leaping into spring on Bleecker Street. Photo by Zoë Pappis Schultz.

The National Arts Club celebrated Jo Weldon’s new book, Fierce: The History of Leopard Print, in March, with a leopard-spotted event that had stylish New Yorkers turning out in truck-loads of faux pelts adorning every imaginable garment from boots to hats. Touted as a “neutral,” leopard prints might have been invented as nature’s camo, but in the urban jungle, these spots are hot and make us stand out from the crowd.

The popular animal print has an impressive lineage, from Egyptian priestesses to Aztec warriors. Since attending the NAC event, I’ve noticed women and men everywhere evoking the power of the leopard print. See if you spot it too.

Mother of pearl & black diamond chip earrings, with matching pendant & pearl necklace

Mademoiselle Mirabelle, 330 Bleecker St.

Pearl necklace with apple clasp

Off Broadway Boutique, 139 W 72nd St. (closed)

DO+BE leopard print dress

Variazioni, 323 Bleecker St.

Metallic cuff bracelet

Street vendor on 6th Avenue

Plum beaded flower purse

Mademoiselle Mirabelle

DL1961 skinny jeans

Variazioni, 323 Bleecker St.

Kilame black velvet boots with hand-appliquéd beads and feathers, design by Pamela Quinzi

Exclusively at Mademoiselle Mirabelle

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