Hudson Yards Wants to Grab My Photograph’s Rights

The “Vessel,” a public structure of interconnected stairways, is the centerpiece of Hudson Yards. It is a free public art sculpture space, but climbing it comes with a high cost. In layman’s terms, a photographer retains copyright ownership; but the photos taken of, and on, the Vessel belongs to the company in perpetuity and with no “compensation” paid. Hudson Yards, this is how I make my living—from leasing reproduction rights!

Anyone who signed up for the Vessel’s free entry ticket will automatically have granted Hudson Yards the right to their “photos, audio recording, or video footage depicting or relating to the Vessel” for “any purpose whatsoever in any and all media (in either case, now known or developed later).”

This action has prompted an outcry from the news media, photographers, and their professional associations. It is not over yet and Hudson Yards will have to revise the language of their terms and condition.

I entered the Vessel with my press pass and did not have to sign any form; therefore, the restrictions are not legally binding.

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