Corey asks Subway Riders to Fund Race to Mayor

Corey Johnson shuts door on influence buyers. Photo courtesy of Corey Johnson.

I’m writing to share some exciting news: I am thinking about running for Mayor of New York City.

It’s a big decision, I know, but I love this City and am committed to making it a better place for all.

As much as I love New York, we are capable of so much more.

And New Yorkers are fed up with our pay-to-play political system. They know that real estate developers and lobbyists have had too much sway for too long.

That’s why I am pledging the following to you:

  • I will only accept a maximum of $250 in contributions per individual, even though NYC allows individuals to contribute up to $2,000.
  • I will not accept contributions from real estate developers or anyone employed at their firms.
  • I will not accept contributions from anyone employed at a lobbying firm.
  • I will not accept contributions from corporate PACs. Are you with me? Chip in something today to let me know. Visit

The New York Times wrote about my pledge, saying it went “further than any candidate ever to run for Mayor in restricting” donations.

Every dollar you give sends the message that New York City is not for sale. And thanks to our City’s public campaign financing program, every donation up to $250 will be matched 8 to 1.

So if you give $25, it becomes $225!

Thank you for your friendship and partnership. Together, we can make New York City a place for all of us.

—Corey Johnson

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