Who’s in Charge

Dear Editor: Re: “Does Rudin Want Your Fruit Vendor to Move? (November 2018): The article states that the fruit cart vendor on the corner of […]


Now is the time for flu shots. The Center for Disease Control recommends that everyone over the age of six months, except for individuals with […]

Good Neighbor?

Hi George, Just wanted to update you on the article titled “Good Neighbor.” I spoke with Pat from the office of the city council president, […]

Abortion Prohibition

For those considering legislation about prohibition of abortion, it is essential that the penalties levied under such legislation be levied only on the fathers of […]

Support for VCS

Putting the other issues aside for a moment, as a parent of an alumni of VCS, the open playground on 10th Street  has been a concern […]

Still No Hospital

Great that doctors are returning. Horrible that there is no hospital on the west side of Manhattan from 59th Street to Battery Park City. Sad that […]


Since I retired, my life has been ALL about ME. Writing poetry and imbibing music fill me up. I take writing classes and workshops and […]