To the Editors:

There appears to have been a breach in WestView News security, and a major article was hijacked and replaced with another. I was looking forward to reading the article by Arthur Schwartz in support of Cynthia Nixon, which would explain her political history and proposals for her fight with Governor Cuomo. But, instead, some troll seems to have eliminated that article and replaced it with a fawning puff piece entitled “Cynthia Nixon is a Villager—In the Truest Sense.” Instead of a political piece, almost the entire article was a description of her life story and acting history with only one paragraph vaguely describing some of her advocacy history. It must have been written by a publicist, or maybe her business agent, but it couldn’t possibly have been written by a Democratic Party District Leader like Arthur. It actually implied that she would be a good governor because she lived in the Village and cooked her own meals! It was more appropriate to People (magazine) than WestView News.

Please get in touch with Arthur and get a copy of his real article. You know, the one that deals with maybe some political issues and not this fakakta one (Arthur knows what this word means). I look forward to reading it.

—Alec Pruchnicki

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      I agree with Mr. Pruchmicki’s analysis of Arthur Schwartz’s article about Cynthia Nixon, who I admire and agree with politically. There was no context. It was more of a fan letter. I noticed this in other of his articles, including the one on the highrise buildings across from pier 40. That basically labelled people who disagreed with him “naysayers.” Another piece of fluff.
      Judyth Silverstein

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