Dear George:

You may understand—by the comment I made at St. Veronica—why I’d be ambivalent about how to fund concerts there and what sort of music to offer. Because the purity of emotion generated by that chamber, by what happened, under those precise circumstances (in Dec. & May—we missed others), was so intense and uplifting that I’d hesitate to alter them. I love many kinds of music, but…

“True transcendence.” That’s what the human excitement and joy felt like at St. Veronica last Saturday night. Who knew something so like heaven could explode under that dome on a rainy cold night in May? And what created it? Superb music presented by thrilling musicians to an ecstatic audience. And the artistry being freely given and joyously received is the pinnacle of what humans can do for and celebrate with one another. Art and humanity—realize this and our frail planet may yet live.

Thank You George and Steve and Jack—orchestra and ALL!

It made me think how all true artists­— like all those who live to serve—though they are often unable to make a living, are never driven (or satisfied) by money. They take joy in giving their art to those thrilled to receive it. However, money now monopolizes our society and its institutions to their terrifying end, so “putting a price” on everything is expected; and only those who can or wish to pay such price can partake of any offering.

Think of the chill—and draining of emotion—that barrier automatically establishes. Every beauty is encased in cellophane that says: Don’t touch! Unless you pay.

Then think of the joy that occurs when something you discover has transcendent power and beauty to move whoever hears it is being offered freely into the air we breathe.

It inspires us—with the possibility that we may live in joy if only we lift our hearts to give and to share.

I did, however, donate online.

With thanks and love, Karen Unde

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