NO TO PRIVATIZATION: Over 250 New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) residents, as well as tenant association leaders and supporters from an array of community-based organizations throughout the City, marched in Harlem on Saturday, July 24th to protest the privatization of NYCHA. The Committee for Independent Community Action (CICA), led by Dr. Lenora Fulani, organized the march as part of its ongoing two-year campaign to mobilize opposition to the privatization plan. Text by Sarah Lyons. Photo by Cathy L. Stewart.

I recently watched a show called “History of China” and it ended with images of how China is doing today. The show included a shot of several beaming Chinese people who said that they pay no rent and that food is free. That is the ultimate form of socialism that Dr. Lenora Fulani would like to see happen in the U.S.

And, sure, it is our responsibility and moral duty to keep each other alive and well. If you are born unable to take care of yourself because of physical, educational, or social impairments, it is our collective duty to help.

If the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) sells its parking lots to a developer so that he can build some affordable apartments, and maybe even a few market rate apartments, there is no way in hell that third generation NYCHA dwellers will be able to afford the so-called affordable apartments.

No, we need Chinese socialism and here is the proof: They are the second-largest economy in the world and they just bought the Waldorf Astoria. In a few years, they will become the number-one economy.

The answer to the problems of NYCHA dwellers is to learn Chinese and wait—just wait.

—George Capsis

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