Dear Editors:

Can you please tell me who to contact regarding the cancelation of the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit’s second weekend this month (one of its two days)—an 87-year-old show replaced by a sausage and tube sock street fair?

This exhibit showcases fine artists and craft artisans from around the New York metropolitan area, the nation, and the world. The fair runs along Washington Square’s east side and north along University Place to East 12th Street.

My friend, who has exhibited every year since the 1960s, received a call on June 2, 2017 from the director of the art show who confirmed that the show was canceled because the City “double booked.” Wouldn’t the art show have priority since it has been on the schedule for decades?

I am very sad about this and want to register a complaint. I am hoping that you can advise and possibly report on it. Thank you.
C. Lichtenstein




You ask us who to contact as to why this long-standing art show was canceled. I have sent your message to Corey Johnson who is perhaps the most responsive elected official I have ever engaged in my half-century in the Village.

I KNOW that his office will get back to you and arrange another date for the show.

George Capsis


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