Commemorating Playwright H. M. “Harry” Koutoukas on Christopher Street

Photo by Mark Erson.

On Sunday, June 4th, a ceremony was held for the dedication of a bronze plaque celebrating the life of H. M. “Harry” Koutoukas at St. John’s Lutheran Church on Christopher Street. St. John’s Pastor Mark Erson blessed the plaque, which is now affixed to a tree well between 85 and 87 Christopher Street.

Harry was a poet, playwright, and legendary Greenwich Village bon vivant who lived at 87 Christopher Street for 50 years. His plays—which were performed at the Caffe Cino, La Mama, Judson Poet’s Theater, and many other venues—include: Christopher at Sheridan Squared; Medea of the Laundromat; Only a Countess May Dance When She’s Crazy; The Man Who Shot His Washing Machine; Awful People Are Coming Over So We Must Be Pretending to Be Hard at Work and Hope That They Will Go Away; and many others.

For more about H.M. “Harry” Koutoukas, contact, or pick up the book entitled H. M. Koutoukas Remembered by His Friends.

John Gilman

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