Clarifying Statements in June’s “In and Out”

Dear Caroline:

I read your “In and Out” column with interest, as usual, in the latest WestView issue. I always welcome your news. But two things you wrote puzzle me.

You ended the section by saying that, “Perhaps the West Village is just not a favorable location for vegan restaurants.” What vegan restaurant? Certainly not Good, with its beef burgers, lamb burgers, steak, pork tenderloin, lots of chicken (fried and roasted), and many fish dishes. So what did that refer to?

And regarding A Clean Well-Lighted Place: It was not a gallery. It was a frame shop that I frequented often and which I miss.

But as usual, I am clipping your page so I can get around to what is new.

Hope all is well with you.

Mimi Sheraton Falcone

Mimi Sheraton Falcone is a highly-regarded food critic and James Beard Award-winning author. She served as the Restaurant Critic for The New York Times (the first female to do so) and as the Editor of Seventeen Magazine. In discussing Ms. Sheraton Falcone, Jean-Georges Vongerichten declared that “…her glossary of flavors is ultimate. Her opinion is like gold.”

Dear Ms. Sheraton Falcone:

I am delighted that you enjoy the “In and Out” column. I apologize for the confusion I caused in the June issue: You are of course correct. Good was not a vegan restaurant; the vegan comment referred to the following two restaurants I mentioned: Ladybird and Gingersnap’s Organic. But, reading it over, I see how we should have changed the order of the sentences or used different punctuation. As for A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, I remember it from when I first moved to the Village, but I don’t think I ever went inside. I got the impression that it was a gallery from a February 23, 2012 post in Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York blog, bemoaning the closing of “the art gallery A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.” We will do better with our fact-checking in the future! Thanks again for your feedback.

Caroline Benveniste

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