I’ve been writing about politics to my son, about this and that issue, and thought a recent letter may interest WestView News.

—Marilyn Schwartz


Hi Son,

I didn’t know who Paul Rino was so, from Wikipedia, I discovered that ‘Rino’ is a stand-in for ‘Rhinoceros’ which means, in Republican lingo, a bad, no-good Republican. Now I have to keep up with Republican lingo, which I never thought I’d be researching until you wrote about him (Paul Ryan).

I don’t think his “health” bill has a chance of getting through. After all, no one wants to let old ladies be without that awful Meals on Wheels food, which, by the way, I had for a while. I found it so bad I threw it all out and that was that. I used to call it Wheels on Meals.

A friend contends that the problem is that they have no idea how to cook the food, not the food per se. I don’t know…the apples were good, but the prepared food was…ugh! I do recall thinking: Can’t they think of another way of preparing this glop?

Instead, they should add money to Meals on Wheels and get some gourmet cooks, which, by the way, they once had at Greenwich House on the Square (Washington Square). However, after the New York Times reported on it, word got around, and too many people were attending the lunches. The chef disappeared (he may have been fired) and I didn’t get the chance to try it out.

Good, much too good for old ladies.

Luv, Mom

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