Re: the article by Ralph Godfrey, I’d like to comment:

I know well that not using so-called “recreational” drugs—esp. when so many appear to be doing so—can seem very difficult indeed.

Still, I know well too, that you and your peers can do so, or start doing so, if there is the will, the courage to do so. Nancy Reagan, back in the 1980s, was often ridiculed by many when she said about taking drugs: “Just say no.” Well, many of those who laughed at her back then are dead.

Ralph, I believe you to be a strong person. As helmsman of your own future, you need to “Stay the course.”

And steady as she goes.

—John Early, 74 Charles Street

This letter refers to the article “At Sixteen I Was Offered Drugs: A Teenagers First Encounter” which ran in the July issue of WestView. You can view it online at:

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