I just read the well written and thoroughly researched article by Dr. David Kaufman in the July issue. He expertly articulated how the loss of St. Vincent’s Hospital has affected the entire lower section of Manhattan on the west side and pointed out the fault of the city in allowing it to happen.

I’m writing this letter though, to praise Dr. Kaufman. I was fortunate enough to be one of his patients for the greater part of my life. Of course he was constantly named best doctor in NYC! This is a man who went above and beyond the call of duty to help his patients. Did you ever look forward to going to the doctor? Well, I did. We had a great doctor/patient relationship and I had fun making him laugh with my wacky personality. Dr. Kaufman always knew what was wrong with me, no matter how vague the symptoms were. His knowledge is incredibly vast. And once, when I had a semi-emergency during his off hours, he met me uptown in the hospital, taking a minute off his rounds to see me.

I could go on and on. When I learned that he was moving to California, after the St. Vincent’s horror, I understood, but was devastated. It was like losing a family member, it was so depressing. Lucky California, is all I can say.

I think of Dr. Kaufman with respect and admiration, and I still miss him. Hmm, do you think I’m a fan?

—Fredda Tone

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