To the Editors,

In a full-page advertisement that ran in the March issue of WestView, the faceless group calling itself “BarFree Bedford” claimed there is no “local support” for the reopening of Chumley’s Speakeasy at 86 Bedford.

As a 27-year resident of 55 Barrow Street, I have been a primary and public neighborhood advocate for the reopening of Chumley’s. I’ve worked the Chumley’s table at the BBC Block Association Fair for the past 5 years. “BarFree Bedford” knows who I am. They have read what I have written on social and other media. They are aware of 1) the petition that has over 2300 signatures in support; 2) the 2015 BBC Petition was signed by over 350 people with 85 signatures of residents segregated by street on Barrow, Commerce, Bedford, Morton and Grove Street; and, 3) the steadfast support of the BBC Block Association for the Chumley’s Liquor License.

Make no mistake; there are two separate groups that have arrayed against the opening of Chumley’s. One is composed of neighbors who have concerns about quality of life issues. In direct response, eight hours of end of evening operation has been eliminated per week. As Chumley’s will now observe “adult Disneyland” hours, this will have a vast effect on the price point of the business. The other group is composed principally of speculators and financiers. Their goals and concerns can only be addressed by maximizing perceived value and sale price, which has nothing to do with living in our neighborhood. Yes 88 Bedford, you.

Thanks to responses to a request for local action since this ad ran, we have received copies of over 125 addressed letters in support for Chumley’s emailed to the NYS Liquor Authority.

Steven Monroe Smith,

55 Barrow St., #10, NY, NY 10014-3794

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