By Bernie Sanders

Greetings to the readers of WestView and to your wonderful publisher George Capsis. As you know I grew up in Brooklyn, attended NYC Public Schools and started college at Brooklyn College. I was the child of parents who spent their formative years surviving the Great Depression, and who taught me the value of hard work. And they imparted to me a strong sense of Justice.

I have always thought of Greenwich Village as a key center of progressive thought and action in NYC, and I hear that that spirit remains alive. As you know my campaign is about defying the “Establishment,” which thinks that money from people with wealth should determine both who gets elected and who really makes decisions in our country. My message has rung true for millions of Americans, and though we are behind, we still believe that the nomination is winnable. But to win, we need your community to show up in force on April 19, and display its progressive banner once again. We are running for the future, with dreams and plans that some call crazy, and some call inspiring. I hope you are inspired!

BERNIE’S CAMPAIGN THANKS WESTVIEW: As the campaign moves into New York, Bernie Sanders thanks publisher George Capsis and WestView for their support.

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