Westviews: “Enclosed is $10 To Tell My Story”

George Capsis:


This is Pete Campione, a 92-year-old fan of all your good work putting out the West Village news.

I was a high school teacher for four and a half years in the Village teaching Science & Math at three schools after coming out of the service in WWII. Then I got a Bachelors of Music Degree from Manhattan School of Music and spent nine years playing trombone for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and then I studied Electronics. I became an Electronics Technician, then worked for City College fixing all their Electronic Lab equipment in Chemistry & Physics Departments, then married, got twin girls & retired.

Enclosed is $10 cash to help you to put this story in print. I have no singles, OK?

Keep up your good work, its appreciated.


Pete Campione

October 3, 2015


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