Dear Mr. Capsis,

I have been enjoying WestViews News for many years, and it is usually well written and edited.

But in the last paragraph on page ten of the September issue, “I found the prices in Mrs. Green’s breathtaking,” is unclear. Do you mean breathtaking high or breathtaking low? I think I know what you mean, but am not sure.


Richard L Phillips, West Village.


This letter is in response to the September 2015 article “Mrs. Green’s Has Opened!” The original article can be found online at:



Thanks for the compliment.

I’m sorry that my comment was not clear, but I go back to when a loaf of Wonder Bread was 11 cents.

As we all know organic foods are much more expensive, and since I NEVER shop organic but only in the cheapest stores for the sale price, I found Mrs. Green’s prices high.

—George Capsis


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