On Thursday, July 9th, the Village Independent Democrats met in St. John’s Church on Christopher Street. Club Vice President Linda Jacobson substituted for several absent club members and gave the President’s report about a variety of club activities, small business preservation initiatives and legislation, and election preparation for November.


Keen Berger, Democratic party district leader, reported on the recent Senior Action Day sponsored by Community Board 2, progress on the new school at 75 Morton street, and a variety of internal party elections. Nat Johnson reported on opposition to the new Algonquin gas pipeline which will operate very close to the Indian Point nuclear plant.


In a surprise visit, state senator Brad Hoylman reported on a variety of recent and upcoming legislative proposals including environmental issues, the need for Democrats to recapture the state senate in the 2016 elections, and rent stabilization rules. Concern was raised by a club member that in the future legislation can be improved on rent controlled apartments and not just rent stabilized ones.


The meeting was also designated a “Members meeting” where club members could bring up proposals not already on the club’s agenda. One resolution, passed unanimously, was to work with district leader Arthur Schwartz in an attempt to get presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to come to New York City and present his opinions to local voters. Other topics included supporting Mayor DeBlasio on his Vision Zero auto safety proposal, campaign finance reform, and a new initiative to get high school and college students involved in grass roots and club level political activities.—Alec Pruchnicki


Alec Pruchnicki is a member of the VID executive committee.


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