WestView Letter September 2014: Frustration with the double-decker tour buses

Frustration with the double-decker tour buses

Dear Editors:

I would like to share my frustration with the double-decker tour buses that have seemed to take over our neighborhood as of late. I realize that the tax revenue brought in by these tour buses is likely good for the city, but they impede the flow of traffic on our already congested and narrow residential streets. I am also concerned about the impact these vehicles have on the environment, as I recently counted as many as five buses in total, as I walked from 6th to 7th Avenue along West 4th Street. Additionally, it appears as though the older models operate using diesel fuel, and they release copious amounts of black soot onto our neighborhood streets.

I am sure that others in the neighborhood are equally distressed by the explosion of tour buses in the West Village area over the past year. I hope that this issue draws the attention of local politicians, as their constituents are becoming increasingly frustrated with the influx of these large vehicles. I am sure that there is a way for tourists to enjoy the sites and sounds of the Village, in a manner that is acceptable to those living and working in the area.


Abby L. Mulay

The West Village, NYC

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