Ever since the Duane Reade branch at the corner of Bank and Hudson closed last August, the neighborhood has been has waiting – and waiting, and waiting – for its successor.

In the November issue, WestView News was able to confirm that MRS. GREEN’S NATURAL MARKET was planning to make it their first New York City branch… date to be announced! Come December, green (of course) hoarding, plastered with the usual Work Orders, was wrapped around the premises. In May, word was Mrs. Green’s would be opening in June – though the eye-catching new poster was less specific … ‘COMING SOON’, it said, as did the website .

With June now having come and gone, July nearly over, the sign still staying Coming Soon – and the site shut down, with a padlock on the entranceWVN felt it was time to try and find out what was going on.

First discovery was that, unknown to most West Villagers, because of a change in management in December 2012, a bitter Labor dispute had erupted at the formerly mellow Westchester HQ, dragging on through 2013, to be settled, finally, just this July 16th.

The delay in opening our branch, however, may have had less to do with the labor dispute than with a series of STOP WORK orders on the site at 585 Hudson, issued by the Department of Buildings – the latest posted on the hoarding on June 20th.

On the July 21st we were led to believe that the Order had been rescinded and the renovation was proceeding… well, not quite. A walk up Bank Street on the 22nd revealed that the padlock was still in place, though two more Mrs. Green’s posters had been added to the hoardig… still saying, yes – “Coming Soon”.

Finally, on July 23rd, the official word to WestView News from spokesperson John Collins, said “Mrs. Green’s Natural Market is excited to bring its focus on healthy lifestyles and local, organic products to the families of the West Village. While we are still dotting our ‘I’s and crossing our ‘T’s with the city, we are looking to open the store as soon as possible and provide the Village’s progressive foodies with the all-natural produce they love.”

So, dear readers, message as before, “Stay Tuned!”

Maggie Berkvist

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      Still no news? Did they give up?

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      Walked over to Hudson Street, two weeks ago in July 2015, to see if Mrs. Greens had opened. No such luck, although the green boards were gone, store still closed. Frustrating, as I will have to go to the Mrs Greens in White Plains to get the humus I like. It’s easier, for me to go to West Village, as I come down to the city at least twice a month to go to Whole Foods on E Houston, eat, and take photos. I also go to trade shows at Javits. Can’t believe it’s taking this long for one store to open.

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      Walked over to Hudson again, to see if maybe Mrs Green’s finally was open. No such luck, front door was open, and walls not even painted yet. Looked a mess inside, never seen a store, take so long to open. Frustrating, when they sell the hummus I like, that I can’t get at Whole Foods. I’m sure the upscale residents of the West Village must be mad, I know I am. One thing is for sure, I’m not walking their again to check.

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      I think I finally have some good news to report about Mrs Green’s West Village. Roots Hummus, Facebook page said, in honor of the opening of Mrs Green’s West Village later this month. They are offering their Hummus for $2.99 till August 13th. So, it looks like they are finally going to open. I’ll walk over to Hudson again at end of month to see.

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