WestView Letter March 2014: Dear Catherine Revland,

Dear Catherine Revland,

I am only a month or so late in writing to compliment you about your article in the January issue, “Murder on Grove Street: The Waterfront Rebellion”.

(Once upon a time, I was something like ten years behind on reading newspapers and things, so only a one month delay is an improvement, I think.)

Articles like yours are the meaty, really interesting kind. Only days ago I complained to George about a new subscriber or whoever who complainedabout my not having any apostrophes in my February article, “Presidents Day 2014”. Nothing else, nothing about the article itself. Criticism can beconstructive or useless. As for your article, it is well written. Which is what I have come to expect from any of your articles.

Back in 1969, I worked on the waterfront for six months or so. A better term for what I was then is an apprentice longshoreman, although ‘apprentice’was not used. I thought it a dead end, so went on to other things.

Too, much later than that I remember seeing Budd Shulberg on our street one time, assuming that short, quite stout man was him.

I always felt sad for the young 14 year old actor in the movie, who, 50-plus years later, still thought of Marlon Brando as a sort of hero. Suffice to write here I did not think Brando was a hero in any way, shape, or form. In this instance, Brando might have counselled the fatherless young man to stay in school, but he did not do that. (I know, I know it wasn’t Brando’s place or “role”, but still. Or maybe I AM judgmental…)

Thank you, Catherine.



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