Not Only in Our Backyard

Dear Editors: Due to the intense development pressure many New York neighborhoods are facing, residents are beginning to understand the importance of working together across […]

A Serious Mistake

We made a serious error in the October 2017 issue of WestView News, which warrants several comments. In “Jim Fouratt’s Have You Heard?” article, he […]


We need to correct two image credits in the October 2017 issue of WestView: In “Diller Island is Dead” (page 1), the composite rendering is […]


I know it’s trendy to use social media to jump on the bandwagon when famous folks promote the next cause célèbre. Please forgive me if […]

WestView Goes 360

By Annunziata Gianzero You may be asking, “What exactly am I looking at?” Or, if you’re familiar with virtual reality and the new trend in […]

NYCHA Lives Matter

By Reverend Michel J. Faulkner Eighty years ago, Mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia established the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) to provide a way out […]

Caruso’s Quips

By Charles Caruso To become disillusioned you must first have illusions. A man’s whole appearance goes to pieces when he loosens his tie. Things that […]