Over There

By Keith Michael This is my tenth August article for WestView, and the first one written from out of the West Village. The end of […]

Feed Me

By Keith Michael It all started with a Sunday email from WestView’s own “Maggie B’s Quick Clicks” Berkvist, forwarding an earlier email from Left Bank’s […]

Mask, No Mask

By Keith Michael Last year when I wrote my June article The One I’m With I was well along in my Corona Birds neighborhood marathon, […]

The First Time

By Keith Michael  Spoiler alert: This is not a cheerful tale. On Friday, March 26th, while I looked for migrating spring birds in the Willow […]

Cuteness Squared

By Keith Michael It’s Millie’s Birthday! She’s twelve. Of course, Millie’s resting up for later festivities in the day with corgi-shaped candles in a cream […]

Snow Day

By Keith Michael Millie hates snow. Years ago, yes, when she was younger, she would bound through the drifts, often sinking up to her shoulders […]

Some Goose

By Keith Michael  Millie is still sleeping off the exertion from her star appearance presenting the Bird of the Year Awards 2020, so I’ll have […]

Tit for Tat

By Keith Michael “Let’s Go!” I’m thinking, “Spit! Spot!” in the voice of Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, but I don’t say it out loud. […]

Spring Into Fall

By Keith Michael “They ain’t called confusing fall warblers for nothin.” I don’t know who I’m quoting here. Maybe myself. But I think the reassuring […]

One Good Tern

By Keith Michael It’s the summer birding doldrums. I’m sitting on a shady bench in Hudson River Park. An unexpected boat regatta just sailed upriver, […]

Reboot 2.0

By Keith Michael It’s the afternoon of the longest day of the year: Saturday, June 20th, the summer solstice.  With me safely typing at my […]

The One I’m With

By Keith Michael   I’m still wearing a mask and Millie doesn’t seem to care. Contrary to true corgi watchfulness, as attentive as Millie is […]

Corona Birds

By Keith Michael As a devoted bird watcher, the question often flies my way, “Why do you like to watch birds?” (Of course, now it […]