By Jeff Hodges In the early 1980s, when fashion was starting to loom large on the cultural landscape, I found myself on the riser with […]

Over the Rainbow

By Jeff Hodges When my daughter was in pre-K we walked to school past the mannequin in the dog collar, chains, and leather underwear hanging […]

The Farm Supply

By Jeff Hodges In 1990, when my daughter was four, we started frequenting the Carmel Farm Supply on our weekends away from Greenwich Village. The […]

Off the Meter

By Jeff Hodges In 1971, when I took the New York City taxi driver test, I didn’t know whether Fifth Avenue traffic ran uptown or […]


By Jeff Hodges When Smoky Mike and I started shooting fires, we had to sleep in one of the fire trucks or get left behind. […]


By Jeff Hodges In the early 1990s I traveled to Germany to shoot a promotional video for the Goebel Porcelain Company in Bavaria, Germany. At […]


By Jeff Hodges When my daughter is at a symposium and the leader asks the participants to “tell us something we would never guess about […]

The Big Knife

By Jeff Hodges In 1973, when I was in college, I rented an apartment on East 7th street between Avenues C and D in Alphabet […]


By Jeff Hodges When our daughter Rebecca was born in the 1980s, my wife Emily and I were living on Charles Street. The Village was […]

Mod Squad

By Jeff Hodges In the summer of 1978 I heard about a news outfit called Broadcast News Service that needed video crews to shoot from […]