Advertorial Issues  Dear Editors, I would like to respond to the four-page untitled “Advertorial” which was placed by Barbara Honegger’s “Lawyers’ Committee” in the September […]


Publisher’s Apology Dear Readers of WestView News, I received three letters from our treasured readers regarding the poem “Code Blue.” I apologize to our community […]

The Village Is Closed

By George Capsis “Dear George, Unfortunately, given the coronavirus concerns, tonight’s dress rehearsal has been cancelled. Please confirm that you’ve received this! We’re so sorry to deliver such bad […]

Cath Lab Matters

Congratulations George. You have worked long and hard for this. I am one long time West Village resident who is grateful for all you do […]

Thank You!

Dear Mr. C, As a reader of WestView News for the past 15 years without paying a dime… Please accept this support and my sincere […]

Courage to Publish

Dear George Capsis, As a Jewish American I totally support you in your decision to run the article by J. Taylor Basker “Who’s bringing the […]