9/11 Twenty Years

By George Capsis Everybody has a 9/11 story; here is mine… I was working as a consultant for the United States Council for International Business, […]

How to Select a Mayor

By George Capsis Suddenly—on June 22nd—we are supposed to vote for mayor from a roster of people we never heard of. We see their ads on TV and […]

The End of Graffiti?

By George Capsis I hate graffiti and perhaps that is why WestView News has done several front page articles on the subject.   With the pandemic […]


Foreshadowing Q-Anon I read with interest Diane Sare’s spirited defense of Lyndon LaRouche.  I don’t profess to know his history very well but my interest was piqued.  I […]


Feynman I enjoyed Bruce Poli’s article on physicist Richard P. Feynman. Just one correction that I know of: his first wife died of tuberculosis, not […]


Google Excludes Xavier Mission’s “Grab and Go” from Community Grants Through WestView, I wish to thank Xavier Mission at St. Francis Xavier Church on West […]