Hero of the Month

George, I have noticed a trend in TV-speak about which no one informed me. Typical. No one even sent me an email. Or anything. People being interviewed now […]

In Defense of Google

Dear Editors: I don’t agree with the sentiment that Google employees work online (WestView, January 2019) and on the phone and therefore don’t need a […]


George, I just read your “Somebody Just Shot My Neighbor” article in the January issue.  As the editor of this paper, the person who wrote […]

9/11 Bus

Dear George, I was sorry to learn that the 9/11 Tiles for America bus is actually a permanent thing!  I kept hoping it would move. […]

Buyer Beware

Dear WestView News: Andrew Cook’s letter in January  should encourage everyone to do some research before they need health care—i.e., locate the nearest facilities their […]