Cath Lab Matters

Congratulations George. You have worked long and hard for this. I am one long time West Village resident who is grateful for all you do […]

Scams on the Rise

Dear Editor, I just got the least pushy of the many telephone solicitations that people growing older tend to receive. Yes, yes, I am on […]

Thank You!

Dear Mr. C, As a reader of WestView News for the past 15 years without paying a dime… Please accept this support and my sincere […]

Courage to Publish

Dear George Capsis, As a Jewish American I totally support you in your decision to run the article by J. Taylor Basker “Who’s bringing the […]

Act of Bravery

Dear Mr. Capsis, The article by J. Taylor Basker was brought to my attention by a friend who lives downtown. I admire you for publishing it […]


This is a follow up to the letter I sent about the street work being done on Horatio St. and what I consider the theft […]