Google Excludes Xavier Mission’s “Grab and Go” from Community Grants Through WestView, I wish to thank Xavier Mission at St. Francis Xavier Church on West […]


WestView Triumph Dear George and WestView, The May 1st issue is a wonderful gift from you George, and your writers, to our West Village community. […]

William Sydney Porter

Thank you very much for including my article “Who is William Sydney Porter?” in your wonderful newspaper. I am so grateful and happy that you […]

April WestView

April’s dark headlines left me bewildered. The Village Is Closed This was imaginatively shocking. Underneath it roared another war title: COVID-19 — The Battle in […]

Kennedy Love Child

Dear Editor, In the April issue of WestView I opened up my heart for everyone to see and wrote about my father who is the […]

Restore a Hospital

Dear George: I applaud your demand that we must restore a hospital in lower Manhattan BEFORE the next pandemic. The beauty of your suggested visionary […]

Karma is NOT Fake News

The Chinese have a famous saying “Welcome Crises.” After spending five days distributing our “collectible” (my idea) April issue focused on COVID, it occurred to […]

WestView as Pick-Me-Up

Dear WestView News, Robert Heide’s meditation on dark houses, his wonderful, colorful account of the famous couple in limbo, and his beautiful review of Girl […]