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WestView News is Manhattan’s voice of the Lower West Side.

Since 2003, WestView News has campaigned for the issues that locals care about most, and has earned itself a strategic presence in several high-profile local campaigns.

From the looming expansion of New York University to the acclaimed development of the High Line and Hudson Riverfront Park, the displacement of hundreds of rent-controlled apartments, to the unnecessary closure of St. Vincent’s Hospital –  which left 500,000 Downtown New Yorkers, tourists and daily commuters without an emergency room – our dedicated writers and photographers report, review and analyze with the commitment and responsibility that only those affected by the stories can share.

Each month, 20,000 copies are distributed across the West Village, Greenwich Village and parts of Chelsea neighborhoods.

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George Capsis
WestView Inc.
69 Charles Street
New York, N.Y. 10014

Telephone +1 212 924 5718

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