NY Citizens Audit Responds to Statements by Suffolk Officials

By Marilyn Hornik


NY Citizens Audit joins in the recent calls from the Chairmen of the two major political parties in Suffolk County to address the recent news stories regarding impersonation of County Board of Elections officials. NY Citizens Audit shares their concerns about voter suppression and like these two Chairmen, finds that any acts of voter suppression are intolerable.

     NY Citizens Audit Executive Director Marly Hornik commented, “I will take the Chairmen at their word that they are concerned with voter suppression. But their announcement makes no sense. They seem so hysterical about anonymous accusations that, without any information or proof, they are terming people “criminals” and inciting the public. This makes no sense when 5 million egregious documented anomalies already exist in the voter rolls and no one really cares. I have not heard these Chairmen urge Suffolk BOE to investigate this situation. I have not heard these Chairmen urge NYSBOE to investigation this situation. That avoidance could be viewed as irresponsible and seems to contradict their professed concern with voter suppression.”  

Without lawfully compliant voter rolls, a legal certification of an election is highly questionable and may even be illegal. “Apparently these Chairmen have overlooked the importance of verifiable voter rolls and their importance to elections certification and voter suppression, although I do not see how they could avoid the elephant in the room.” Hornik commented.

     For over a year NY Citizens Audit has attempted to get the Suffolk BOE and NYSBOE to investigate the over 5 million voter anomalies in voter registration rolls. In May of 2022 it provided documentation of its concerns to Suffolk BOE and NYSBOE. There has been no response and even false statements that NY Citizens Audit has provided no documentation.  

     NY Citizens Audit’s position is that these anomalies are serious threats to the integrity of voting in New York and must be investigated. NY Citizens Audit further agrees with the two Chairmen in their view that “voting is the most important right we have to select our government representatives and insure our freedoms and liberties.”   However, NY Citizens Audit Legislative Director Steve Gillan commented, “NY Citizens Audit is bewildered why these two Chairmen are focusing on undocumented accusations, and irresponsibly terming the accusations as “criminal behavior,” when they have not shown they know anything about what happened. Suffolk BOE and NYSBOE have refused to release any information other than intimidating characterizations of anonymous alleged behavior in statewide press releases. That is just irresponsible, if not their announcements are intentional diversions from what seems to be the intolerable state of the voter rolls. What we do know, however, is that Suffolk BOE and NYSBOE have been sitting on documented anomalies in the voter rolls for over a year and have done nothing with it. If there is a case of potential egregious voter suppression, this is it. “

     NY Citizens Audit has called for the Chairmen to join in their concern for clean voter rolls, and are anxious for an expression of concern for what may seem to be a major problem. NY Citizens Audit Director Kim Hermance further commented: “Unless the voter rolls are certifiably sound, election procedures in New York are making a mockery of citizens’ efforts to exercise their basic right to vote. Where is the concern for this? We hope that responsible officials will wake up and do their jobs.”

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