Sidewalks Are For Pets To Walk Their People

Dear Mayor Adams:

My name is Anna, and I’m a tiny 5 lb. Yorkie, 1 year old, living in West Village!

I love growing up in the West Village! There are so many beautiful flowers, and even though I’m only 1 year old, I already have so many friends at all the coffee shops and stores who know me by name and give me treats! I always bounce around so excitedly when I see new people, because everybody is my friend!

Life is good with papa, and he’s always got his head on a swivel to be sure I’m safe. 

But sometimes he gets upset because there are times when a bicycle comes out of nowhere down the sidewalk, and when we’re having fun, neither of us can see or hear it coming! And a couple times I darted across the sidewalk when I saw something cool and it almost hit me!

My papa says there’s no point yelling at a bicyclist on the sidewalk, because there’s always another one! And he knows the delivery people and CitiBike people mean well!

But I’m just too small — a move too fast! — for them to see.

He says the only solution is for the police to crack down and write tickets. Lots of them! He says in LA, where he’s from, people get tickets for jaywalking, and as a result the word is out, and people don’t jaywalk.

He says once the bike riders get the word that being on the sidewalk is expensive, it will stop.

And I’ll be safe at last!




2 thoughts on “Sidewalks Are For Pets To Walk Their People

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      Anna is adorable.
      And definitely share the worry about being hit by a person on Citibike.
      But hoping that Anna is not going into coffee shops or food shops unless in a bag – cause pups not allowed per City law.
      Hopefully all of us people and pups can be community-minded.

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        What would be the harm of bringing Ana into a coffee or food shop? All over the world dog owners are not discriminated against and their dogs are better behaved than ours. If you are worried about a stray hair begin with the people cooking & serving your food. Are they wearing a hair net for instance? Have you checked the kitchen of your fave local bistro? Why be so concerned with a coddled little dog?

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