By J. Taylor Basker

The evolutionary drive to create diverse species and forms is active in Westbeth Gallery’s current exhibition: “Unnatural Processes”. Eight international artists present work collaborating with the non-human.

Here one enters a landscape of exploding shapes, twisted structures and imaginary bodies with stratums composed of natural and unnatural materials that writhe with energy and veiled aesthetic threats. This exhibit includes drawings, paintings, sculpture and installations that are all tactile feasts for a full body experience.

Curated by Valérie Hellier, the exhibit’s goal is “Throwing light onto the unnatural, reflecting on and exploiting new connections with non-human systems.”

Viewing the art may produce antigens in your body as well as an itch or two. However, it is well worth the risk to view this amazing exhibit at Westbeth Gallery, 155 Bank Street/55 Bethune Steet through July 28, Wed-Sun 1-6 PM. Aliens and humans are invited.

Westbeth Gallery, “Unnatural Processes Exhibit” through July 28. Photo credit: J. Taylor Basker

Elle greeting Her mother’s sculpture, “Eyes Of My Skin ll” by Valérie Hallier, Mannequin, VR Helmet, flower pedals, beads. 2023. Photo credit: J. Taylor Basker

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