Charles Street Planting By Bonnie Berman

On a cold day in April my neighbors Lynn, Anna and I sprinkled some wild zinnia seeds in this formally ugly and abandoned tree pit.

We waited and waited…not so patiently at all to be honest. Finally, the seeds turned into seedlings. Then we waited some more even less patiently. But alas the seedlings turned into beautiful, bright zinnia flowers of every color!

I hope you all enjoy our efforts and enjoy this little, charming urban garden. I think it makes Charles Street even more delightful.

We hope to plant more wildflowers gardens

in the fall. That is the best time to plant for spring. If you have a sunny spot and would like to join us in planting a wildflower garden please contact us. We will be happy to help.

If you would like to help us to continue our efforts, please make a donation. Even though it our passion to plant these little gems it does get quite expensive. Your donation will go a long way in helping us and would be very much appreciated. project

Bonnie, Lynn and Anna

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