By Anika Ignozzi

Stepping into the Ooh Baby shop at 21 Greenwich Avenue, on the corner of West 10th Street, is like entering a different universe. The walls burst with vibrant colors, showcasing characters created by 25-year-old artist, Anika Ignozzi. “Welcome to the world of Ooh Baby!” This unique clothing brand was founded five years ago in Pittsburgh and is now celebrating its fifth anniversary.

Ooh Baby is all about self-expression through personal style and, most importantly, feeling good. Anika emphasizes that the brand’s mission is to help people feel confident while expressing themselves. Additionally, the company is committed to responsible entrepreneurship, with upcycling being a significant aspect of its operations. Ooh Baby transforms used clothing into fashionable garments for those who want to express their individuality, bringing color, joy, and fun to its customers while taking upcycling to new heights.

The story of Ooh Baby began in a small town outside Pittsburgh, where Anika started upcycling clothes using a sewing machine she borrowed from a friend’s mother. With a lifelong interest in painting and drawing, she began painting directly on the garments, later incorporating patches and screen printing.

After operating in Pittsburgh for several years, Ooh Baby was ready for a change. In late 2021, Anika had the opportunity to open a shop in West Village, thanks to the help of Lesley Ware owner of Art To Ware, and Chashama’s storefront startup program, which offers artists affordable rental spaces. Anika moved to New York in late 2021. 

Anika had always dreamt of launching her brand in New York, specifically in the Village. Although the move was initially daunting, Ooh Baby quickly found its home on Greenwich Avenue. The shop has since formed strong connections with neighbors, such as Miss Ellen Levy, a longtime Village resident and loyal customer.

Ooh Baby is now expanding its operations to reach an audience beyond the Village. The company is dedicated to scaling upcycling and local production by opening a studio in Brooklyn. In the future, most of the clothes available in the shop will come from this studio.

Ooh Baby has been at its current location for a year and has grown incredibly fond of the Village and its lively community. The shop looks forward to being a staple in the area. Visit Ooh Baby for a delightful experience; you might leave with a cool new clothing piece or, at the very least, a smile on your face.

Our opening hours are Wednesday-Saturday 1-7PM Sunday 1-5PM. You can also make an appointment to visit when we’re closed. If you’re lucky, you might even meet Anika, the owner!

Contact or follow the instagram @oohbaby

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