By The Proust Center At Jefferson Market Library

Dr. William C. Carter, the preeminent Marcel Proust scholar in the United States, visited the Jefferson Market Library to dedicate the Proust Center-JML Research Library. 

Dr. Carter is the author of numerous Proust books and articles, including “Marcel Proust: A Life” and “Proust in Love.”  Professor Carter is currently working on revising and annotating C. K. Scott Moncrieff’s translation of Proust’s masterpiece, “In Search of Lost Time,” for Yale University Press.  The 5th volume, “The Captive and The Fugitive,” was published in February 2023, and the last volume, “Time Regained,” is almost complete. 

The Proust Center at the Jefferson Market Library was honored to receive Dr. Carter and his acknowledgment that it holds a special place in Proust scholarship.  In the coming year, the Proust Center will begin a collaboration with the French scholars for Corr-Proust (, who are digitalizing Proust’s letters, and the Proust experts at the Kolb-Proust Archive for Research, at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign ( ), who are leading the Corr-Proust Wiki Translation Project ( 

Dr. Carter also expressed his enthusiasm for the current schedule of events planned by the Proust Center in the upcoming months. 

Dr. Carter was the Executive Producer of the classic documentary, “Marcel Proust: A Writer’s Life,’ which will to be shown again, in July, to celebrate Proust’s 152nd birthday. The film was directed by Sarah Mondale. 


Upcoming film:

July 10th: “Marcel Proust: A Writer’s Life” (Documentary) 6:00-7:30pm Encore!

More information about Proust’s life and works may be found on Dr. Carter’s website: 

Proust Ink:

Professor Carter’s online course is also available:

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