The Kelly Chronicles: Staying Healthy in these Crazy Times

By Kelly Gallagher

Last month we talked about the value of restoring a smile. Priceless. This month it’s been non-stop stormy weather and depressing rain across the country and I am looking for a way to dry off, restore my mojo and jumpstart a new health routine. For me, it starts with assessing the terrain and cleaning out the things that are not working so I can make room for the new both physically and mentally. And ultimately, I think it’s really about identifying our weaknesses and shifting our mindset so we can experience the restoration of the mind, body and spirit. Time to get honest.

What better time than now. Spring is here and it is historically and metaphorically time to clean the closets. I think we need to add “lighten your work load and detoxify your life” to that list. Two huge topics we could spend days talking about. Maybe in the next edition.

It’s been an emotionally toxic time for everyone on this planet so to those people who still haven’t come out of their houses after COVID…it’s time to get some fresh air. Some of us didn’t keep our News Years promises to ourselves so now is our second chance in 2023 to de-clutter with purpose. Spring is the perfect time to re-set new goals for ourselves. It may feel like a looming job to tackle some of these areas of our life but once you address them, wow, it’s a relief and a stress reliever in so many ways. It makes room for more of what you do want to do by clearing what you don’t want. Most of us have been paralyzed by the events in the World over the last couple of years; COVID, Stock market crashes, Crypto, Digital Wallets, Digital Health Passports, War, Mandates, Bank failures, government controls, TIkTok and looming social credit scores to name a few. There is not much we can do about a lot of the global dilemmas but what we can do is take better care of our own individual selves by implementing a few good habits and clearing the cosmic clutter on all levels. By taking care of ourselves we can then help take care of other people. It’s so simple that we don’t do it. At least I don’t always do it until I am in trouble or not feeling my best. Who am I kidding? I work until I drop. And I just did it again.

I’m embarrassed to say that I was so acutely and chronically dehydrated just yesterday that my Doctor could barely get a reading on me with the Zyto Bioscan machine, a biocommunication device that reads and relies on galvanic skin response (GSR)—an established technology that measures fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin. An application of GSR is lie detector testing. I was so dehydrated that the Zyto cradle could barely get a reading. I had been drinking too much coffee, water out of plastic bottles and sparkling water out of aluminum cans. Our water quota cannot be accomplished by drinking soda, coffee, tea, juice and/or alcohol….none of them count. I had to make a new goal. Drink more clean water.


Make goals for yourself.

Make a list of the SIMPLE things you know you need to do and check them off daily. Do something you know you should have done that you haven’t. Do three things a day that move you closer to your goals.

Here’s what I had to remind myself I can do at home and you can too.

Drink more clean water preferably out of glass bottles

Drink less coffee

Reduce sugar intake

Eliminate soda

Don’t drink out of plastic

Don’t drink out of aluminum cans that are lined with plastic

Turn off TV and social media

Jump on rebounder 500 times a day

Go for a walk



Get out in the sun

Fresh air

Clean out closet

*Personally, I’m committed to getting rid of 25% of what’s in my closet. Less is more. Let go. It doesn’t fit.

Donate to charity.

Implement my restorative nutritional and supplemental program designed by my Integrative Doctors so that I might extend my life and health span.

What do you need to clean up in your life?

What do you need to clean out of your life?

What do you need to recommit to?

I am here to remind us all that we become happier and healthier beings when we love ourselves and take better care of ourselves.

Clean the closets in your home and the closets of your mind and you will free up space to experience the blessings of the universe.

It’s all connected.

With Cosmic Love,

Kelly G

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