By Anyuta & Inna Zelikson

We are InnaSense~INAYA (est. 2002) – an NYC brand of handmade gemstone jewelry by us: the designer-sister duo of Anyuta & Inna Zelikson.

Arriving as teenage refugees to the US from Belarus, after completing our studies in marketing and psychology, we risked everything to start our business in the wake of 9/11. Participating in every street fair & festival we could find, against all odds, we persevered to open our first boutique in the area we dreamt about and fell in love with – our beloved West Village at 215 West 10 Street in June 2007. Magically, remarkably, stoically, with a lot of hard work, we are still here and loving the familiar west village sidewalks and that little turn from Bleecker to W 10.

Along beautiful natural stones we design with, the other true gem of our business is a strong feminine energy in our team: we do our best to hire immigrants and share with others the values of self-empowerment, self-respect, and financial & psychological independence. And the most precious rock of all endeavors, changes, and growth has been our ever-evolving sister connection.

We launched our charitable initiatives in 2010 by dedicating financial support to various UNESCO programs and helping orphanages & tribal girls’ schools in India. We have been creating specific jewelry, all earnings from sales of which go directly to support people in Belarus and Ukraine in their ongoing courageous struggle for life and freedom. Being one of the few establishments celebrating a continuous 16-year run in the West Village is a blessing. InnaSense~INAYA is here to bring beauty and positive energy, motivate and support others, and grow together with New York City – the living hope for freedom, diversity, and humanity.

InnaSense Jewelry

215 West 10th St.

(212) 675-5010

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