Letitia James And Erik Bottcher Confront Drag Story Hour Protesters

There’s probably no more liberal corner of the United States than Greenwich Village. So it’s not surprising that parents took their children to a session in the LGBTQ center, on March 19th. Unfortunately our correspondent could not attend but he did record the activities that surrounded the event.

By Frank Quinn

On Sunday March 19th, New York State Attorney General Letitia James organized a Drag Story Hour at the LGBT Community Center on West 13th street which appeared to attract equal numbers of politicians and children. However, most of the people attending were protesters and counter protesters.

WestView News was not permitted to enter the event so this report is based on what we saw from the outside. Ms. James advertised the event on Instagram, but the 4-hour program was “sold out” on the Eventbrite webpage she provided. When this reporter arrived early he was told only pre-approved press would be allowed in and no information was available on how to get approved.

Ms. James, who discreetly arrived under police escort, also advertised the event as co-sponsored by The New York Public Library, giving the appearance it was publicly funded.

NY State Attorney Letitia James arrives under police escort.

The pro-story hour protesters arrived early, and the anti-story hour folks grew in number and volume as the event progressed.

Cops kept things organized by suggesting these groups stay on opposite sides of the street where they could safely shout demeaning remarks at each other.

Police intervened in numerous skirmishes but only arrested one intimidating anti-story hour protester.

From the outside I did not see many arrivals, so it was unclear who was attending. I witnessed a small number of adults with children entering the Center, and Councilmember Erik Bottcher was the only public official I recognized standing in front of the entrance for an extended time giving interviews while making eye contact with hecklers who insulted him by name. He told the NY Post there were “a couple dozen kids with their families,” and AMNY said there were “approximately 200 attendees.”

It was inspiring to watch Mr. Bottcher stand defiantly in the face of empty braggadocio because he did so despite the potential danger he faces as a public figure. For a public safety case study on the event I would contact the NYPD who had about as many members in attendance as the protesters did and can best explain how to ensure the safety of a public figure under dangerous conditions.

Councilmember Erik Bottcher stares down hecklers.

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      Digesting that OUR NY taxpayer money is being spent on this. Get busy with the real issues and stop with the grandstanding display of kowtowing to the latest trends.

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