Arthur Schwartz stealing George’s last toy

By George Capsis

Oh, Wow, I am in the New York Times on February 24th and then on March the 20th The New Yorker magazine does another article on how attorney Arthur Schwartz and one or two staffers is attempting to steal my newspaper, WestView News.

For 20 years George Capsis has printed West View news for the readers of the West Village, asking to restore a hospital and build a heart emergency laboratory; to replace a hospital we had for more than 100 years and to build an emergency room for heart attacks. That emergency room called a Cath lab will soon be a reality. (We are waiting for state approval) and perhaps the first person whose life is saved in that facility will say thank you for WestView News.

At the same time staffers and supporters of Pacifica radio are picketing his office to pre- vent the sale of their L.A. Headquarters to pay Arthur Schwartz a $150,000 fee.

The Times and the New Yorker are two publications I have read all my life starting almost from boyhood, but it took my getting to be 95 years of age before they wrote about me and put my name in their publications.

My daughter Athena just told me that she has been getting calls from old friends and acquaintances who read about me in one or both of these, but the story is about how an attorney I have known for years is trying to steal my newspaper .

I have read these two articles several times to help me to write what I am writing now, which is a kind of introduction and, what distressed me most was that the reporter for the Times and the New Yorker both came to the conclusion that I am crusty and difficult and mentioned my slapping a cop.

Of course there are these kinds of errors in the two articles and of course I think I am not being abrubt but correcting other peoples’ misjudgements.

Both articles agree however that Arthur Schwartz, with the help and prompting of one or two former members of the staff, is trying to steal WestView News.

They also offer that most of my old readers feel that what he is trying to do is pretty low.

By far the hardest part for these two articles to understand is the conflict of personalities that perhaps triggered this gross action. But never the less, nothing any one of players has done can justify Arthur Schwartz to very deliberately try and steal, at 95 the very last toy I can expect to have in my life—the very last.

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