Last months issue of Westview was late and rushed and we published a positive article about a republican candidate by one of our best writers. We marked it opinion but some readers felt that Westview had taken a right turn. 

Not true, Westview tries to take a straight and narrow course based on facts even when we don’t agree with them. 

Here are a few more opinions by you, our readers. 

Dear Mr. Capsis,

 I have been a reader of your paper for many years. As a life long Democrat there are few things that I value more than free speech. It’s with this in mind that I am writing to compliment you on a recent article published by one of your writers Anastasia Kaliabakos. It was an informative piece on a candidate that while might not be my choice I have learned more about. Gaining knowledge about those running to represent the interests of New Yorkers is something that benefits us all.  I, like so many of your readers, depend on your paper to be informed. Thank you for continuing this approach to journalism.

I am looking forward to your next issue.


Jeremy Schuster


It was very disturbing to read the two opinion pieces in the October issue touting Republican candidates in the upcoming elections. The idea that West Village residents should consider swallowing the entire GOP agenda in an attempt to reduce street crime in our neighborhood is misguided and dangerous. 

As we have seen many times in the past, issues like street crime are often used to implement  authoritarian policies while doing little or nothing to solve the actual problem. Most recently in NYC we passed over a wonderful Mayoral candidate in Maya Wiley for Eric Adams, who ran on a law and order platform but has been totally ineffectual. There is no reason to believe that any Republican candidates would do any better at reducing street crime. 

We can pressure our elected representatives to reconsider flawed policies like bail reform in ways that better protect our communities without totally abandoning the rest of our Democratic principles. 


Sandra Paci

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