Fast Track to New York 5G Microwaved City

-By Les Jamieson

We’ve been living in a wireless world since the earliest cell phone and home WiFi networks, roughly 30 years. Now we’re up to the Fifth Generation of wireless transmission technology commonly known as 5G. For decades more there have been hundreds of scientists warning of adverse impacts of electromagnetic frequencies on the health of humans, animals, and plant life. There have been widespread adverse impacts from proximity to even 4G cell phone towers resulting in cancers and deaths. The Ramazzini Institute in Italy based its study which began in 2005 on lower levels of radio frequency radiation than what wireless antennas are emitting. Just as alarming is that the telecoms and utilities installing digital meters claim they are in compliance with FCC safety guidelines set back in 1996, far before the proliferation of wireless antennas and devices we are now surrounded by. Even before 5G, a consortium of 240 scientists made an appeal to the United Nations for a global moratorium.

When researching the scope of wireless transmission equipment installed in urban areas, the term “densification” arises. For residents of New York City, with over 11,600 pole-mounted wireless antennas, and innumerable buildings with roof-top antennas, our neighborhoods have experienced densification over recent years. In all but a few sections of the city, we can’t walk 3 blocks without being exposed to a wireless transmitter. The major telecoms each show maps and brag on how much 5G coverage they offer. Now, we are seeing 5G Jumbo Poles crop up in front of people’s dwellings, with no warning, as part of a plan to install 4,000 of these futuristic looking 30-ft. towers that would be more appropriate in a Mad Max sci-fi shock film in which humanity is taken to the brink. 

If we were to ask, “Has there been long term studies on the safety of 5G wireless transmission?”, the answer would be no. Let’s remember that in early 2022 there were mainstream news headlines about the airline industry complaining that 5G towers near airports would emit frequencies causing disruption to airline navigation systems. It shouldn’t be hard to imagine what these frequencies do to living cells. According to the Environmental Health Trust, an independent non-profit research group, “Peer-reviewed research has linked a myriad of adverse effects to wireless radiofrequency radiation including brain cancer, breast cancer, DNA damage, thyroid cancer, memory damage, sperm damage, brain damage, headaches, diabetes, hyperactivity, liver damage, oxidative stress, behavior problems, synergistic effects, altered brain activity, tumor promotion, impaired growth and more.” Furthermore, the type of electromagnetic frequencies we are being inundated by contains irregular bursts lasting milliseconds called “pulsed-modulated” radiation. The National Institute of Health’s Pubmed database has articles on this issue, including a study saying “that pulse-modulated RF radiation causes oxidative injury in liver, lung, testis and heart tissues mediated by lipid peroxidation, increased level of NOx and suppression of antioxidant defense mechanism.” Is all this just being unduly concerned over an imagined danger that we can disregard? According to Dr. Martin Pall, PhD, “Because all wireless communications devices communicate via modulating pulsations, and the smarter they are the more they pulse, and therefore, more dangerous they will tend to be.  The industry universally ignores the great importance of pulsation.”

From the telecom industry standpoint, the bottom line is that 5G is good for their bottom line. They get to sell another generation of cell phones and related hardware. But buyer beware of the claim that we need a densified forest of thousands of 5G Jumbo Poles and transmitters throughout the city for better cell phone reception and capacity for “smart home” gadgets. Much smaller relay transmitters are available for that purpose. 

Think of scenarios in which industries were able to release toxic waste into communities due to an absence of regulations, not to mention an absence of ethics. Over several years, maybe a few decades, a cluster of diseases and suffering became evident. There are far too many examples of products distributed for mass consumption such as asbestos, tobacco products, pharmaceutical drugs, Teflon, and “forever chemicals”, that were insufficiently tested and wound up causing irreparable harms. We have a duty to avoid this same scenario. We must realize that countries such as Italy, India, Russia, China, and many more have far stricter regulations on wireless transmission levels. For institutions to be in compliance with the American Disabilities Act, people disabled due to electromagnetic sensitivity must be accommodated. Insurance companies refuse to cover harms resulting from electromagnetic radiation. These points should be sobering for anyone who would categorize this information as “conspiracy theory”.

In summary, a thorough knowledge based on independent, peer-reviewed science must be objectively reviewed to understand the impact of 5G, and all wireless technologies on our health, economics, privacy, cyber-security, energy consumption, and a myriad of effects on our environment. Until our policy makers and residents gain this understanding, we would be wise to make better use of our public spaces and densify them with living pole structures, namely, trees.

Photo Credit: Les Jamieson

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