Happy 95th Birthday George-Let’s Keep the Presses Running!

Happy 95th Birthday George-Let’s Keep the Presses Running!
95 years on our planet! WOW, WOW, and I say WOW again!!!
On your 95th Birthday, I think it is fitting to ring the bell, Sound the drums, raise our glasses, to toast and honor the legacy of a Great Newspaper Man, and a legend living amongst us!
Gentle Persons of our vibrant West Village and friends near and far; Let’s CELEBRATE the GIFTS and LEGACY George has so graciously bestowed upon us 21 years ago George Capsis, founded the Voice of the Village, West View News.
With a pledge to deliver journalism excellence and truth in reporting in vast fields of business, science, the arts, theatre, education, politics, architecture,
medicine and our legal justice system.
Your leadership and pledge to deliver Truth and Logic has Marshalled talented writers from near and far. This has been your GREATEST GIFT to us all!
George, we thank you for opening your doors to embracing writers, both young and old, fostering a dynamic think tank and salon of creative journalistic integrity. The Newspaper beat of West View News is George’s heart, mind and soul which all takes place in an inclusive, diverse, and equitable salon of George’s West Village Brownstone 69 Charles Street ( former home of Sinclair Lewis). George personally finances the paper, along with advertisers and donations, for 21 years.
At George’s Birthday Lunch in response to Hannah’s question what he would like for his birthday gift George replied “10,000 new WestView Subscribers”
So Please Subscribe here to make George’s Birthday wish come true.
Give yourself a GIFT that just keeps on giving, truth, logic, journalistic integrity, arts, entertainment, et all, to all!

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      PRIORITIES and INCOMES and VIEWS and CONCERNS are certainly different for people when WE are not in positions or places in our lives that promote our voices to be heard and for our city quality of life to be more than obvious working class ideas, store front turnovers, commercial businesses that are typically appreciated by foot traffic and spending interests. These are not progressive advancements or basic values of human life!!! My initial reaction to the Elizabeth Street Garden article was an immediately predictable falsehood like one or the other issue! The entire village history tells more of the CLASS story. EASY! There are no mysteries that are hiding behind democratic vs republican when rents, rats, homelessness and police presence on top of pandemic/systemic and endemic ruins indicate a past that is still visible! Our dishonesty saying these clear, these visible facts is just mind numbing! Look around the neighborhoods, chat about issues then ask yourself the rhetorical? DONE!!! WE HAVE NOT CHANGED MUCH EITHER!

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