Dear Westview readers,
For the last 20 years you have all been so supportive of our newspaper, and for that, we are so very thankful. It is so special to have a local newspaper that serves this beloved neighborhood. From the historic townhouses to the local restaurants, there are so many things about the West Village that we find inspiring, and it’s all made possible by you, our local community.
As you can all imagine, printing is very expensive, which is why so many newspapers have stopped the presses and now only release in digital format. That being said, there is much to gain from expanding into digital media. New audiences, a larger reach, and the ability to share moments with each other instantaneously. For that reason, we are launching our fall fundraiser. The money will go towards expanding WestView News so we can continue to share local news and everything the west village has to offer, both in print and online.
Another thing that is of the utmost importance is the continued fight for a local hospital. When Saint Vincent’s Hospital closed in 2010, we lost a critical tool our community needs to save lives. A Hospital should serve a community from birth until death, and every moment spent in an ambulance commuting to a hospital above 14th street is a moment wasted. Westview News has proudly been at the forefront of the fight for a new hospital since the day St. Vincent’s Hospital closed its doors.
Please consider donating to our fundraiser so we can keep the newspaper printing, expand our operation online, and continue the decade-long fight for a local hospital. We will be hosting a fall cocktail party in the garden to reconnect with our readers and would love for you to join us (details to come).
Thank you so much for your support over the years, it is both an honor and a pleasure for us to do what we do.
-George Capsis
Founder of WestView News 

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