WOGIES BAR AND GRILL, above. Photo by Gabriela Beavers.

By Gabriela Beavers and Teddy Capsis

A brisk stroll along Greenwich Avenue brings bustling energy as merry dwellers sip on chardonnay and cheer on their winning team’s latest play. In the past year and a half that we have lived in the Village, we’ve explored the many facets of this street. From its vibrant storefronts showcasing quirky decor to trendy late-night dinner spots, you will find Greenwich Ave to have a little bit of everything. With our “date night expertise,” we’ve found that friends want reliable, fool-proof spots that may not be the fanciest, but offer consistent quality, service, and availability. To provide a holistic perspective for our readers, we have decided to review two dependable yet noteworthy spots from both a man and woman’s point of view.

Wogies v. American Bar

Separated by the one and only Charles Street, the energy radiating from Wogies Bar & Grill to American Bar changes in the blink of an eye. At Wogies, you’ll find beers clinking, blue jeans, and an abundance of flat screen TVs, while at American Bar, mini lamps, martinis, and tux-adorned waiters survey the gleeful crowd.

Her Opinion:

To preface this review, Wogies and American Bar are by no means my favorite restaurants in the city. They are consistent, and consistency is key! Renowned for its philly cheesesteak, Wogies attracts some of the most approachable and attractive, single 20 and 30-somethings in the village. Admittedly, I have not visited during an NFL game, but I can only imagine the lively crowd on a breezy, Sunday afternoon. Solid food picks include buffalo wings, waffle fries, and their original subs, but personally, I think the best element of this bar is its unpretentious, no-frills disposition.

Now, if my date suggested American Bar, my eyebrows would discreetly raise because he has either brought multiple girls here or his sister recently went for a night out with her girlfriends. It’s no surprise that this restaurant has received hype in the past few years because who would say no to their infamous chopped salad and a frothy espresso martini? Their luxurious booths, tuna tartare, and elite people-watching all add to the glamorous ambiance.

His Opinion:

I’d be lying if I told you that Wogies is the perfect place to bring a girl. With that said, Wogies is a perfect way to test if the girl you are seeing is the “one.” As a former college athlete, a member of five different fantasy football leagues, and an avid daily listener of New York sports talk radio, it’ll come to no one’s surprise that I love any opportunity to get to Wogies. Truly my only grievance with the bar is the amount of Philadelphia memorabilia decorating its walls, but I am quick to forgive them as I stuff my face with one of my favorite cheesesteaks in the city. However, to readdress my main point, bringing a girl to Wogies should reveal one of three things about her: 1. She lets her hair down, orders a light beer, and splits a plate of waffle fries. 2. She orders one of their salads and tries to make small talk about your favorite teams. 3. She walks in and proceeds to walk out without you.

If the outcome is indeed three, she’s more than likely making her way to meet her friends at American Bar and you might not have another shot. In the end, dating is all about discovering who the person across from you is. An important part of that process is bringing that person into your comfort zone. Referencing the first two outcomes from earlier, you’ve learned one of two things, 1. She also loves Wogies (great sign). 2. She’s willing to try something different and embrace something you like (great sign).

The Results:

If you’re bringing him out, take him to Wogies. If you’re bringing her out, take her to American Bar.

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