PTV POSTCARDS WRITTEN IN THE WEST VILLAGE to get out the vote for IDC challenger Rachel May in 2018. Photos by Sarah O’Neill.

By Sarah O’Neill

Back in 2018, volunteers across the country mailed over 395,000 handwritten remember-to-vote postcards to Democrats in New York for the September primaries and November election.

Postcards To Voters (PTV) does not normally engage in primaries, but excited New Yorkers kept contacting PTV founder, Tony the Democrat, about a handful of rogue incumbent “Democrats” in the NY State Senate who consistently caucused with Republicans, thus blocking progressive legislation. That August, tens of thousands of handwritten postcards rained into the IDC districts, alerting Democrats that the primary election was on a September Thursday (not a Tuesday!) and to vote “true blue.” Six of eight IDC challengers won! That fall, PTV volunteers also wrote for Democratic nominees James Skoufis and Jim Gaughran, who also won. The NY State Senate turned decisively blue, and soon after inauguration, freshman Senator Zellnor Myrie was introducing and passing new voting laws, and Senator Brad Hoylman had his GENDA bill voted into law. A few months later, freshman Senator James Skoufis came into the city and gave a moving speech about the significance of the postcards at PTV’s second-anniversary celebration at The Center on West 13th Street.

PTV volunteers have been writing ever since, including over a million postcards to Democrats in Georgia in 2020 for Jon Ossoff for U.S. Senate, and then 2.1 million more for the Ossoff and Warnock runoff elections.

This past July, PTV volunteers mailed over 204,000 handwritten postcards to Kansas Democrats asking them to vote no on the amendment that would have gutted choice.

November is coming. PTV volunteers are writing. If you haven’t engaged with the midterms yet, now is the time. Postcards are an easy, fun way to remind Democrats to get out to vote. More writers means more voters!

Handwritten postcards with short positive messages reminding Democrats to vote work!

When Ohio Supreme Court Justice Jennifer Brunner won her seat in 2020, David Pepper, former Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party tweeted, “You helped do this, #Postcardstovoters and @DemocratWit” PTV volunteers wrote over 600,000 postcards for Justice Brunner.

In 2018, on the day of her Special Election for Miami-Dade County Commission District 5, Eileen Higgins posted: “Even in a heavily Hispanic district, #PostcardsToVoters is making all the difference. This woman pulled up, pointed to her card, and asked us ‘where?’ We looked up her precinct and helped her get to her polling place so THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to write a card.️” A photo showed the voter in her car holding up one of this article’s author’s dog postcards from NY. Higgins won!

IDC challenger Julie Goldberg posted: “You will like this story, #PostcardsToVoters volunteers! Marching in a parade today, I stopped to speak with a woman watching it with her two children. She said, ‘You’re Julie? You already have my vote! I got a beautiful postcard from OREGON about you!’ ”

“Does sending postcards really work?” asked Beto O’Rourke in a post in 2020. Beto went on, “The answer after meeting the voters coming out early for @ElizMarkowitz is YES! Gonna join #PostcardsToVoters & help get voters out in the most important elections in the country (soon as they approve my handwriting sample).”

PTV POSTCARD for Pat Ryan for Congress.

This past July, a Kansas Democrat posted: “It really really cheered so many of us here in Kansas to get these postcards. We compared postmarks, like getting magic pen pals. Not going to lie. It can get very discouraging here. You can feel isolated and as if you are screaming into the wind. These meant so much more than the glossy mailers. We felt like we are not alone in this as we try to stay a safe haven for several states around us as well. Thank you all.”

It’s easy to join Just text “join” to 484-275-2229, or write an email to PTV postcards can be written and mailed from any location in the United States. All you need to get started are postcards, a pen, and stamps!


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