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Dear Editor,

As someone opposed to the continuation of the outdoor dining places, I have a proposal for their use, rather than simple removal or destruction.

I suggest they be collected on flatbed trucks and taken to venues where there are poor people who need housing. Once in the various locations, they could be made to fit the individual situations by, for example, Habitat for Humanity.

Let’s face it. New York City is not Paris, and neither ex-Mayor de Blasio nor current Mayor Eric Adams were or are Baron Haussmann.

John F. Early

From Somewhere


John Early says Goodbye to Charles Street

As I sat in front of 69 Charles while Dusty conducted her street sale, a pageant of Charles Streeters sat down to chat. John Early quickly unloaded what was most disturbing to him, that after decades of life in a rent controlled apartment, that he was shortly going to move to a senior care facility operated by the nuns.

John is always quick to identify himself as a Trump Republican and then quickly follow up with his latest attack on liberals. But with whom can he exercise this response when he has no Democrat to pummel?

Dear Editor,

As a registered Republican, it is getting to be time for me to say farewell to my neighbors in the West Village.

For the most part, I have received only opprobrium for my political affiliation in this area of the West Village.

While I like to think that I understand human beings, being one myself, I have found such to be very, very boring.

Therefore, I leave you to your political beliefs, and certainly wish you all very well, as I wish my beloved country the very same.

We are in desperate times, and the other political party is not the enemy. They are not evil. They are merely different, among other adjectives. Me? Well, I don’t have to describe myself.

Despite what I see, and hear, all the time on our traitorous media on MSNBC and also while on my cycle at Blink Gym, for example, the USA is a Republic—“if you can keep it,” as Benjamin Franklin said, and not a “democracy,” as the termites would have it.

I hope that in future we can help each other out to, for example, secure eat and drink. While I would not bet on that, I wish you all well, as I wish the same for myself.

Goodbye. Best wishes.

John F. Early

Charles Street


Election Articles

To WestView News

On page 7 Arthur Schwartz explains why he supports Mondaire Jones for Congress, noting that he had been Mr. Jones’ election lawyer.

On page 10 Arthur Schwartz shreds the VID for supporting Dan Goldman rather than one of “a slew of progressive candidates” including Mondaire Jones—but without noting that he had been Mr. Jones’ election lawyer.

As for attacking Mr. Goldman because he’s a billionaire—I’m not myself so there is no conflict of interest—I suggest that one’s wealth is not relevant.

Mordecai Rosenfeld


MIA SAYS: Revenge is a weapon that comes back to strike the sender. Photo by Friends of Mia.

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