By Brian J. Pape, AIA

Just two blocks from the Hudson River, between Greenwich and Washington Streets, and about 15 minutes’ walk from the nearest subway, 134 Charles Street is the landmarked American Railway Supply Building, a three-story former warehouse and office structure (hence the name) ca. 1910. In 2018, Bespoke Marketing advertised the building, selling for $80 million, as “entirely reimagined by Leroy Street Studios to be a single-family residence with unrivaled outdoor living spaces and top-of-the-line amenities.” That re-imagination never went anywhere.

On August 9th the YIMBY website announced, “The Malin Debuts New Coworking Spaces,” establishing a West Village office on the ground floor of 134 Charles Street to provide co-workers with 10,000 square feet of space with shared and private workspaces. There are also luxury three-bedroom rental apartments on the upper floors, of about 3,000 sf each. We checked Property Shark—it states the lot to have only 4,667 sf, and 8,914 sf total floor area. So it seems the co-working area is also close to 3,000 sf. They also report the last sale in 2008 for $17 million.

The Malin’s Soho flagship, which opened in November 2021, is located on the third floor of 32 Mercer Street, an eight-floor commercial building. “We are committed to providing… neighborhood workspaces that are inspiring and distraction-free,” said Ciaran McGuigan, founder of The Malin, as quoted in the YIMBY article, “to work close to home, offering the same familiarity as their favorite neighborhood coffee shop.” Access will be provided to a landscaped rear courtyard in the American Railway Supply Building, which may disturb the residents around that area.

Photo credit: Brian J. Pape, AIA.


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